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5 Major Downsides to Phnom Penh

“So, are you saying that there are no downsides to Phnom Penh whatsoever?”, someone asked me after I gave my speech about why I like living in Phnom Penh. “Uhhh, of course there are”, I replied, and without any effort, 5 downsides to Phnom Penh came to mind instantly.

20 months ago we moved to Phnom Penh and I really fell in love with this vibrant city. There are many reasons, but most of all I love the people. People here are genuinely friendly and welcoming, humble without being submissive, curious and cheerful.

Phnom Penh diligently works on closing the gap with it’s South East Asian peer cities. Fortunately, for the time being, it still feels more like an oversized provincial town with a lot of charm and authenticity.

Oops, this article is supposed to be about the downsides of Phnom Penh. Ok, here we go.


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