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Thai dog tale – How I survived a vicious dog attack in Thailand!

People around me know that I don’t get along with dogs. Or better yet, dogs don’t get along with me. It’s not their fault, it has to do with a near death experience as a kid that involved a big rottweiler. From that moment on things went sour between us and we never recovered.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like dogs, well kind of. I just have major trust issues with them. Ever since the rottweiler incident, dogs instinctively feel that they can easily intimidate me. I guess that’s why they keep doing exactly that. Especially this Thai dog…

The restaurant

Some say there is nothing like the Thai street food stalls. They are literally everywhere and they offer simple, delicious and authentic local food for insanely low prices.

Normally, I’m the first to agree, but after 6 months of travel in South East Asia the rice and noodles diet kinda lost its appeal and I craved Western food. Above all I was looking forward to sit on a real chair instead of the usual low plastic stool that is actually meant for children.

Fortunately, Thailand is very much adapted to tourists and in most of the cities Western restaurants are abundant. Unfortunately, the city of Loei in Central Thailand is not one of those cities.

It took some effort, but we did find a Western restaurant. With the promise of steak, schnitzel, pizza and German beers we set off to Restaurant “Mr. Chris”. All signs were green for an old fashioned feeding frenzy, if not for the presence of the giant house dog.  read more >>

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