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11 Beautiful Islands in Thailand

Is your mind set on visiting one or more Islands in Thailand? Well, you’re in for a treat! But which Island in Thailand fits you? Even if you’re hopping different Islands, you will have some difficult choices.

Your aim might be to spend a few relaxing days in a hammock on an empty beach. In that case you don’t want to find yourself on a ‘hardcore party all night’ type of Island.

Imagine you’re looking for a romantic getaway with candle lit dinners in a luxurious setting. Ending up on the ‘wrong’ Island could mean that you have to machete your way through mosquito riddled jungle. Then, you find that the only food on offer is fried crickets from a rickety old food cart.

There’s something for everyone on the Islands, but what I’m saying is, not every Island might be for you. I will introduce you to 11 beautiful Islands in Thailand so you can decide which Island fits you. More


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