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Travel Jobs – How to Enjoy Travel and Make Money

Travel Jobs – How to Enjoy Travel and Make Money

Travel jobs are actually not that hard to come by. Obviously, you need some skills, but extensive working experience is not always required. You too can make money while you travel.

In this article I explain the different types of travel jobs and provide you with an extensive list of the best travel jobs around. Also, I provide you with useful links to relevant travel job boards, as well as information about how to obtain a travel job. Get ready to earn an income while traveling the world.

Not so long ago I held an expat job as a marketing manager in China. Then, in the Caribbean I worked on a yacht and also as a tour guide, while in Cambodia I had a travel job in hospitality. Currently, as a digital nomad, I run this food and travel blog with some freelance writing on the side.

Mind you, I started my first travel job at the age of 45y. It goes to show that travel jobs are not for young people only. I wonder what my next travel job will be. I’m aiming for airline pilot…

Main types of Travel Jobs

First, you should know that travel jobs come in different types. Down here, we list the main types with examples and tips on how to obtain a travel job:

  • Expat Jobs
  • Digital Nomad Jobs
  • Seasonal Travel Jobs
  • Jobs that require Travel

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