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We could write a long story about how cool it is to travel and how much we get from traveling, but we will not do that. If you are here, you probably already know the magic of travels. If you want to share your magic or if you want to gain experience from other travelers, welcome to our website.

What is “Map Of Stories”

It is a platform that allows users to discover and follow their favorite travel blogs. Travel bloggers can share links to their articles or post their travel stories and photo galleries on this platform directly. This is the place where travelers can get new ideas and useful recommendations from other each other and be inspired by awesome travel stories.

How it works

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3. Add links to your blog posts and a short summary.

4. We will share your posts on our channels.

5. Traffic will increase to your website.

Who we are

We are Viktorija and Aurimas – a couple of passionate self-guided travelers, who enjoy sharing their experience with other people and who believe that it is so much fun to be a part of travelers’ community.

Join us!

If you are writing a blog about travels and you want to reach more readers or if you don’t have your blog but you would like to post about your adventures, join us and share your stories here!

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