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Observation towers are probably one of the sites which has highest number of visitors in Lithuania. While traveling through various parts of Lithuania, we visited many beautiful places and in special ones’ we got to climb in to the towers or viewpoints.

According to official data there are 31 registered observation towers, some of them are smaller and some of them are really high varying from around 10 till 45 meters. Actually, highest tower was be finished constructing in Birštonas on May, 2019 and it reaches even 45 meters height.

At first glance it looked like a simple task to visit them all. However, only one year ago we have accomplished this goal! Including as many observation towers as possible to your trip route is the way to go and we highly recommend it. Why? Firstly, most of them are located in sweet spots of Lithuania. Secondly, they are free of charge. If you wonder which observation towers are the most stunning and when it is best to visit them, you came to the right place.

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